The Pollock Family
From the Dark Ages to the present day

Originally based on the ancestry and descent of David Pollock (1739-1815), Saddler, as compiled by Alexander Pollock in his book "Family of David Pollock 1739 to 1939", and other documents compiled and collected by Alexander Pollock, E. A. Langslow Cock and Kennet Pollock, but now added to from other sources (The Scots Peerage, Crawfurd and Robertson's Renfrewshire, Burke's Peerage, etc.)


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Last updated:
June, 2005

The original site consisted of the following features, and will still be available at the sister site on Geocities.   The links included below lead to pages on the Pollock.4mg site and not the Geocities site. The plan is to include as many of Fulbert’s descendants as possible (in tree format) as well as their ancestors (in the form of lines). As corrected versions of the original documents are added, links will be included from this page or from the Contents Page. The pages from the original site had a coloured background which slowed up down-loading times. The new pages have no background.

             ·      Biographies, currently only Field-Marshal Sir George Pollock!
             ·      Transcription of the Pollock Prize Memoir, containing a biography of Field Marshal Sir George Pollock and a description of his successful campaign in Afghanistan in 1842.
             ·      Table of descent from Fulbert in 1180 to David Pollock the Saddler. The original name list no longer exists but the names can be found on the complete surname list. This line has now been divided into two parts (11 generations from Fulbert and 10 generations from David Pollock of that Ilk) for easier reading but pages showing the ancestors of those marrying Fulbert's descendants have been added. There are a number of lines running into these lines: Maxwell, Mure, Sempill, Stewart
             ·      Line of descent from Farquhar, Earl of Ross, to Francis Webb Barclay, who married Field Marshal Sir George Pollock. This has since been discovered to be wrong and there will be three versions: the original taken from a document in my possession; a corrected version based on The Scots Peerage; and a comparison of the two. The name list no longer exists but the names can be found on the complete surname list.
              ·      The Hodsoll family. This has been reduced to a single line of descent although the full family tree can still be found on the sister site. The name list no longer exists but the names can be found on the complete surname list.
             ·      The individual name lists for each family tree have been removed but a complete list of names does exist. There is a complete list of all people in a Word document for easier use as well as individual lists arranged alphabetically.
              ·      The three brothers, sons of David Pollock the Saddler:
                          ·              Sir Frederick Pollock, Lord Chief Baron, and his descendants
                          ·              Sir David Pollock, Chief Justice of Bombay, India, and his descendants
                          ·              Sir George Pollock, Field Marshall, and his descendants. This is currently the only updated tree for the three brothers. He sprang to fame during the 19th century when he took Kabul, capital of Afghanistan during the First Afghan War. Sir George married twice: 1st Frances Webb Barclay, who was descended from the ancient Earls of Ross; and 2nd Henrietta Wollaston, descended from Thomas Wollaston, of Perton, Staffs, alive in during Henry VII’s resign. Additionally there is information on those marrying into (or out of – depending on your point of view!) the family: Anson (Vernon and Waterford (Tyrone)), Cathcart, Gibson, Halsey and Wykeham-Martin (Cornwallis)
             ·      Place-names – but not up-dated
             ·      Surnames. This has now been removed and there is now a long list of surnames for the new pages as well as lists by alphabetical order.
             ·      Ranks and Awards. These two pages were included to explain the different ranks and award that are mentioned throughout the web-site.
             ·      Documents. A number of documents which I have used as source material. They may not necessarily be included on the web-site.
             ·      Photographs. A number of photographs that may be available or that I plan – one day! – to include on the site.
             ·      Reference books, sources and sites.

The Pollocks (alternative spellings are Polloc, Pollok, Polk, Pook, Pogue, etc.), like many other Scottish families, intermarried with many of the great Scottish and Anglo-Norman families and clans, such as the Hamiltons, the Dukes of Argyll, the MacDonalds (the Lords of the Isles), the Earls of Ross, the Earls of Moray, the Sempills or the Cathcarts. Today, once again like many other Scottish families, the Pollocks can not only claim descent from the Scottish Royal Houses of MacAlpine, Dunkeld, Bruce or Stewart but also from the Anglo-Saxon and Norman Kings of England, such as Alfred the Great or William the Conqueror. Furthermore they can claim descent from the Earls of Orkney, from the Counts of Flanders or the Merovingian Kings of France, from William Wallace or from Charlemagne.